JT Co.,Ltd



JT generates creativity, performance, and innovation.



Our customers are the most valuable asset and the future of JT Co., Ltd.

We place a higher value on the future an individual will create rather than focusing on the present form.
We are looking for exceptionally talented individuals that meet our four conditions.


Talented Individual
with Morality

  • A talented person who will enhance the value of our company through a sense of vocation for work and thorough completion of tasks.

  • A talented person with a sense of responsibility and ownership.

  • A talented person who is able to gain the trust of others by handling all tasks transparently and honestly.


Talented Individual
with Creativity

  • A talented person who will enhance the value of our company through the pursuit of continuous self-innovation and improvement of professional capabilities.

  • A talented person who is able to develop and demonstrate the best of his/her abilities through research in a given field.

  • A talented person who uses innovative ideas to constantly create new future values.


Talented Individual
with a
Sense of Community

  • A talented person who will be the leader of a positive organizational culture based on teamwork and communication skills.

  • A talented person who strives to maximize the performance of the entire organization through respect and cooperation with members.

  • A talented person who is cooperative and respects diversity.


Talented Individual
with a Progressive Spirit

  • A talented person with an enterprising spirit who can prepare for the future and leap forward rather than settling for reality.

  • A talented person who is constantly rising to the challenge to lead change and innovation through progressive thinking.

  • A talented person with a strong passion and commitment for growth.


Promotion System

Those who meet a certain period of job performance can be promoted based on various evaluations such as work attitude and personnel evaluation. Special promotional programs such as recruitment promotions according to individual capabilities are operated flexibly.

We are also cultivating an autonomous organizational culture by assigning appropriate responsibilities and roles to each position and authority according to the managers.

Compensation System

During the annual salary adjustment period, the increase rate is determined by reflecting upon the company's management performance and evaluation of personnel.

Special incentives are paid separately according to management performance.

Development System

In terms of human resource development, we encourage and support employees to attend various training and seminars.


  • Four Major Insurances

    Four Major Insurances

    • National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance
  • Retirement Pension

    Retirement Pension

    • Operation of a retirement pension
      (more than one year of employment)
  • Family Event and Condolence Support

    Family Event and Condolence Support

    • Congratulation and condolence wreaths for family events
  • Health Screenings

    Health Screenings

    • Regular health checkup support for the health of employees
  • Work System

    Work System

    • Five days a week / Annual leave
    • Paid legal holidays
  • Lunch Provided

    Lunch Provided

    • Operation of an in-house restaurant
  • Rewards


    • Rewards for long-term employees
    • Employees are selected and rewarded for their excellence every month
  • Anniversary Gift

    Anniversary Gift

    • Gift for the company’s anniversary
    • Gifts for Lunar New Year and Chuseok
  • Support for Recreational Facilities

    Support for Recreational Facilities

    • Holds membership for a corporate-owned condominium
  • Commuter Bus

    Commuter Bus

    • Operation of a commuter bus for remote employees


Recruitment Announcement

Recruitment Announcement

Recruitment announcements can be checked through online recruiting companies (SaraminHR, Job Korea, WorkNet).

Document Screening

Document Screening

We review and select applicants based on whether or not they meet our job performance and basic requirements.

First Interview

First Interview

Interviews are conducted under the supervision of the HR department and relevant staff.

Second Interview

Second Interview

Interviews are conducted with top management officials. (A certain transportation cost will be given to these applicants.)

Final Pass

Final Pass

The final successful applicants will be contacted individually. The hiring date will be adjusted when the employee starts working for the company.